A General Review of the State of Idaho for Beginners and our Friends in Europe and Asia.


Idaho is a State with an abundance of natural resources, a unique geographical setting and an interesting history. Before we pursue our story about W.C. Lipps and Westlake, Idaho, we thought it would be wise to look at the State from a broad perspective and found the following (12) resourses to be helpful. Keep these in mind as our Westlake story develops.

1.- GENERAL - Information on Idaho County, where Westlake, Idaho was located can be found at this County Government Office. Idaho County is the fourth largest County in the United States by total land area and has some of the world's most beautiful ranches.

Idaho County Auditor / Recorder's Office
320 West Main Street
Grangeville, Idaho 83530
(208) 983-2751

2.- MUSEUMS - Information on North Central Idaho Museums and other great links of interest are on the Clearwater Historical Museum Web Site. When visiting North Central Idaho put these museums on your list of places to visit, but always call ahead and confirm their operating schedules.

Clearwater Historical Museum
315 College Ave. - P.O. Box 1454
Orofino, ID 83544
(208) 476-5033

3.- RAILROAD - Railroad enthusiasts will be impressed with the Camas Prairie Railroad, that played a large part in the demise of Westlake, Idaho. The famous "Halfmoon" Trestle over Lapwai Canyon is one of the most impressive man-made sites in the region.

4.- MARRIAGES - BYU has an excellent web site that enables you to access the marriage records for people in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Just enter the last name of the bride and groom and the site will deliver the date, location and recording data.

5.- HOMESTEADS - Homestead data (Land Patents) can be researched on this excellent Bureau of Land Managemant site. Access the site and click on "General Land Office Records". Scroll down to "Search Land Patents", then select your state and enter the name of the person in question. Many of the records will have an actual image of the original document. (Thanks Kristin Frish.)

6.- IDAHO MAPS, GEOLOGY AND WEATHER - This Idaho State site provides a variety of Idaho maps, geological data and weather information that should satisfy a variety of interests. The weather information can be very valuable for those planning a trip to the region.

7.- IDAHO STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - This is the Official Idaho State History site. Plan on spending a lot of time on this great resourse. One of the best sites of its kind in the United States.

8.- IDAHO COUNTY WEBSITES - There are numerous sites devoted to the history of Idaho County. An entertaining Idaho County History site by Lucy Ficklin Dill features some great insights and photos. Pay particular attention to the Keuterville, Idaho reference, as Keuterville was only (5) miles east of Westlake.

9.- REGIONAL NEWSPAPERS - Idaho Newspapers operating in the early 1900's are a huge asset when studying a ghost town like Westlake, Idaho. A number of these fine publications (shown in red) are still in operation, like the Idaho County Free Press in Grangeville. The other publications have archives at the State Capital in Boise, Idaho. Here is the list below in alphabetical order with the County of origin shown in (parenthesis) along with their dates of operation:

  • Cottonwood Camas Prairie Chronicle - (Idaho) 1901:4:5--to--1917:9:14

  • Cottonwood Chronicle - (Idaho) 1917:9:21--to--9999

  • Craigmont/Ilo Lewis County Register - (Lewis) 1919:5:8--to--1956:12:27

  • Elk River News - (Clearwater) 1919:10:24--to--1933:6:8

  • Ferdinand Enterprise - (Idaho) 1912:9:26--to--1928:10:11

  • Grangeville Idaho County Free Press - (Idaho) 1886:6:18---to--9999

  • Kamiah Progress - (Lewis) 1905:11:24--to--1942:6:25

  • Kooskia Mountaineer - (Idaho) 1911:8:4--to--1942:5:28

  • Lewiston Banner - (Nez Perce) 1919:9:26--to--1926:10:16

  • Lewiston Morning Tribune- (Nez Perce) 1899:1--to--9999

  • Nezperce Herald - (Lewis) 1901:4:19---to--957:4:11

  • Winchester Journal - (Lewis) 1911:5:20--to--1911:7:22

  • Winchester Journal - (Lewis) 1914:5:14--to--1915:5:13

  • Winchester Reporter - (Lewis) 1923:8:30--to--1923:9:13

  • Winchester Reporter - (Lewis) 1928:4:26--to--1931:9:24

  • Winchester Reporter - (Lewis) 1926:10:7--to--1938:12:29

  • 10. LEWIS AND CLARK - The Lewis and Clark Expedition traveled through the Westlake, Idaho area in the early 1800's. Many sites are available that review this great American Expedition.

    11.- THE NEZ PERCE TRIBE - Westlake, Idaho bordered the Nez Perce Indian Reservation and traded with members of the tribe during the town's brief existence.

    12.- STATE CAPITOL - The Idaho State Capital in Boise is approximately 250 miles South of Westlake, Idaho, but due to its superior resources, is a logical place to study an Idaho Ghost Town. Files are maintained on all Idaho Communities, in a vertical file format. Always check schedules in advance as a number of these offices are open Wednesday through Saturday.

    The Idaho Historical Library has the best collection of State reference books.

    Historical Library
    450 North 4th Street
    Boise, ID 83702

    Pertinent documents can be referenced at the Merle Wells Archives Building

    Merle Wells State Archives Building
    2205 Old Penitentiary Road
    Boise, ID 83712

    The State Historic Preservation Office offers serious research potential.

    State Historic Preservation Office
    210 Main Street (The Assay Office)
    Boise, ID 83702

    The State Historical Museum is a must see for any student of Idaho History who wants a proper grounding in the Regions great people and events that defined the State.

    Idaho Historical Museum
    610 North Julia Davis Drive
    Boise, ID 83702

    More basic Idaho information will be added at a future date as our Westlake, Idaho W.C. Lipps family story matures.
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